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Danielle talks a lot about the power of your story, but in the last few years, as she tells the story attached to her brand, Danielle realized her narrative is stuck in time. So what happens when your shared story no longer says who you are but who you were?Tune in as your host gives you all the smoke and shares her recent story decoupling. Leaning into being the executive director of her life, Danielle is not only releasing the versions of herself getting in her own way but is creating, complicating, and expressing new stories in real time.So what story are you stuck on? And what plot twist will you bring to your new narrative? It is plot-girl summer after all!

QUOTABLES “When I'm sitting at the dinner table, when I'm calling up my friends, when I'm FaceTiming, what material do I have if I haven't lived? And when I say lived, I mean living and breathing and ducking and plot-twisting.” “We are the creative directors, the executive producers, of our lives and of every moment.”

KEY POINTS - Meet little sixth-grade Dani (1:21) - Uncoupling who you are now and the story you’ve been telling yourself (5:03) - “Do it for the plot!” (7:30) - Is there a story you are stuck on? What’s your plot twist? (8:43) - Releasing the version of you that is getting in your way (11:23) - The inspiration in the world around you (15:32)RESOURCES - Join Member Up - Get 14 days FREE - Watch the Course From Scratch Masterclass - Follow Danielle on IG - Follow SINCE3000 on IG GO SUBSCRIBE to SINCE3000 on All Streaming Platforms -Subscribe on YouTube -Subscribe on Apple Podcasts -Subscribe on Spotify

Danielle Leslie

Owner, Culture Add Labs

Danielle Leslie is a believer in infinite possibilities and the founder of Culture Add Labs. She helps people uncover their Culture Add, collapse time, and launch an iconic online course or business around it.

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0:00You're gonna get all the smoke right now. Welcome to the plot twist, I talk a lot about the power of your story0:08telling your story. And I realized that in telling my story, it ended up being something that was frozen in0:14time, because I attached the story from that time to my brand. And when you think about a brand, a brand is something0:21that is reliable, repeatable, you describe it with the same three words, the same color palette, and it's something that0:27is an asset that is living, and not necessarily breathing and being and changing and moving with you. And you are a separate0:36being you are your own beam. And what I've seen in the last couple of years is my decoupling from my story, and realizing0:45that a story is not frozen in time. But every single moment, we are creating new stories about who we are. And we have0:52the ability to share those stories in real time. So what I want to encourage you to do in this episode, is to tune into0:59what story Have you shared that you may be stuck on the story that says who you are, but it's really saying who you were. And1:07it's not necessarily allowing you to release that version of you and create space for who you're being and breathing every1:14single day.1:21I'm so excited to bring you today's episode. But before we do, I need to make sure you've heard about member up. So1:27community driven products are the future. But Facebook groups are a thing of the past. And after 10 plus years in the1:34online education space, I've taken all my learnings and I've built this incredible platform member up. It's a customizable1:41easy to use all in one platform where you can build a premium course community or membership site without the tech headache.1:50Gone are the days of having to duct tape together, your content, your community, your payments, all on different1:57platforms. I want you to do me a favor, do yourself a favor and head over right now to member up.com forward slash Danielle.2:04And you can get started for free today. I promise you, I can't wait for you to see this platform. It's beautiful. Okay,2:11the design is amazing your community is going to feel at home here and you are going to take pride in your online2:17business. It is the place to start, head over to member of.com Ford slash Danielle.2:22Now let's get into the episode. One big moment for me was a realization that little sixth grade Dani created this story2:29where the weight of the world was on her shoulders. And I actually I want to I want you to meet sixth grade Dani. Okay, I2:35actually got to meet her in a hot yoga session. It was at the end of hot yoga. And I had been calling in sixth grade Dani2:42because she was right. She was driving the bus y'all like I was feeling resistance in my business. It was time to, you2:48know, upgrade the funnel and hire the people and do the things. And I was just facing resistance that I had never2:54faced before. It was no longer with ease. And sixth grade Dani was the one who was coming in because that's when a story was3:01created. And I was carrying it with me. And that story said that every single thing you do is going to be earth shattering.3:08It's going to be the biggest decision of your life and it's going to change everything. So make sure you make the right3:14decision. Make sure you show up right make sure you act right you're polish your professional, everything is perfect. So I was3:21calling her into my life because I wanted to have a conversation with her and ask her if it was okay for the Dani now to drive3:28the bus and if she could be a part of that, but and for me to thank her for her serving me with that story and also to show3:35her that the weight of the world is not on her shoulders. So I'm in this yoga session laying on my back. It's at the end of it.3:42It's hot yoga. You know, I'm saying we were sweating. We were hitting the poses and I'm laying and the music is playing. My3:49eyes are closed and I'm there I am in my childhood bedroom in Palmdale, California. We had like MAV carpet mom used to be3:55my mom's favorite color. So you know, it's not pink. It's not a soft pink. It's not a blush as a mom, and it was 3am the night4:02before my big science project or the morning of that my big science project was do this was the big project for the end of4:09the year. It was Dr. Birch's science class. And I had put it off because listen, my process was then and is now that I wait4:15until the last minute. That's when the inspiration strikes. I usually go in circles and I have an idea and then I try on 204:22different ones and we circle back to the original one. And that sixth grade Danny did not own her process and instead she4:29shamed herself for it. She felt guilt around it. So here she was in her bedroom. And it was the morning of and she had just4:35started that science project like ours before even though she had known about it for months. Asked mommy to take her to4:42Michael's okay get the three the cardboard thing you know I'm saying print the things out it was on protozoa. Don't ask me4:49what that is now, six radian you knew what it was. I had the markers out and I had fallen asleep on the cardboard. So I'm4:55just face planted On the cardboard on the other side of my bed, I was afraid that when my mom walked in, she would5:01catch me sleeping. I was supposed to finish this project. So I got on the other side of the bed. So she opened the door,5:08she'd be like, Oh, Danny must be in the bathroom. And I remember jumping up and I was like, Oh, my God, oh, my God, I only have5:15like an hour to finish this thing up, and I get to Mad work. And so what I did in that yoga class is I went to my bedroom.5:22And I saw her and I had a conversation with her. It was a short yet profound conversation. And I said, Hey, you're good.5:28That's all I said. I said, you're good. You are amazing. You're gonna be amazing. Everything you do is amazing.5:34And what I released in that moment was knowing this knowing I had back then, that the weight of the world was on my5:41shoulders. I don't know if it's being the eldest, you may be the oldest sibling and maybe the middle, the only child, but I5:47was definitely the eldest sibling who felt the the responsibility of the world on my shoulders, I needed to show5:53it for everyone. What I did in that moment was I let her know, like, it's all good. How a friend of mine put it is, you6:00know, none of this matters moment to moment, we get to create it. And there is no expectation we create those6:06there is no, here's what the the gold star looks like. And we got to get that. And so what I realized is, I had that story6:13stuck in time, but it was still very present in me. And so when I created this brand course, from scratch, and Danielle6:19Leslie, it no longer was my main and my embodiment of who I am from moment to moment. But it became locked in this moment of6:26time, it was Danielle Leslie, the brand. And as we mentioned a brand it gets to love flourish and blossom, but it is frozen6:33with those three brand words and the colors and everything. And I started showing up in that way. And I thought, Oh, I've got to6:40show up in this certain way. This is how Dania Leslie course from scratch shows up. And even if you think about an online6:46course, it is a beautiful representation of where you were at a certain point in time, when I created course, from scratch,6:53it was created from the Danny in 2016. And then when we upgraded at the Damien 2018. And that's a different Danny than who's7:00sitting before you. And I realized that seeing that course, it's an asset and it it lives there. And it's a7:06representation of me, then, I found myself starting trying to recreate that version of me all the time. And I hit a point7:12where I realized it was time to actually ask Who am I now coupling that with this knowing? So I'm gonna share Trevor Noah,7:19he inspired me. I love watching just look this up on YouTube, but I love watching his between the scenes, right? So he has a7:26show. It's the Daily Show, and it's phenomenal. And so he's got his Segolene, nine, five, like he's going, he's doing the daily7:33show. And he's doing a show. And he's interviewing guests. And he's, he's sharing the news, his take on it. What I found are7:39these between the scenes, so he has these clips, where it's him while they're setting up. They're changing the scenery,7:46they're bringing in the next guest, and he gets to just vibe. And he essentially does a stand up routine. And so he's sitting7:53at his desk, and he's sharing about, you know, I was at the playground on Sunday, and I noticed the difference between7:59South African parents and American parents, I lost my grandmother and I want to honor her in her story. And what I8:05know about him is that him like, you know, he had a lot of things he overcame in his life. Like you look at this manual, like,8:12how did you like, wow, like incredible things he's overcome. What I've seen him do is take all those moments, and it was8:19material, like it was material for his standup it was material for the between the scenes, like if you went out here living8:25where your material won't come from, if you're being you know, keeping yourself in, in the cave, thinking I've got to8:32recreate what I already created, I have to live up to this brand. I have to live up to these expectations. I have to live up8:39to that goal I set for myself a year ago, and I'm fixed on that. And if I'm not meeting it, I'm not good enough. I'm feeling8:45guilty. What I saw was if you're doing that you ain't got no material. And when I started telling myself as opposed to the8:52sixth grade Danny who felt the world on her shoulders, the DNA now is like yo, we need some material like let's let's fuck8:59some shit up. Let's get into some shit today. Like let's figure some things out. Let's make the biggest quote unquote9:05mistake or release the biggest leap. What dream can we dream? What thing can we fail that what thing can we fall short on?9:12Because listen, I need some material for the dinner table when I'm sitting at the dinner table when I'm calling up my9:18friends when I'm FaceTiming what material law I have if I haven't lived and when I say lived I mean living and breathing and9:25and ducking and plot twisting. The way we talk about it now is do it for the plot. Right it hot girl summer has upgraded to plot9:32girl summer. And so what that means is every single moment you have the opportunity to create and complicates and express your9:39plot. And that's where the plot twist comes in. And so this is my plot twist. This is my plot twist. And I hope to create9:45many, many more and it might be every day, it might be every year it might be every season. So a question for you to ask is,9:52is there a story that you are stuck on? Is there a representation of you that you've been holding on to,9:58whether it is the sixth grade you to, or the 12th grade version of you, or the you from last year, when you had10:04different circumstances and you set a goal. Remember that you are living and breathing and you can modify that and you can10:11twist it up and do your thing because we all need material. So what is the plot twist look like? Now yours is going to look10:17amazing. It's going to be yours. And I would love to share mine with you. So I added a couple things to my life that helped me10:24remember who I am tap back into me when I was four years old and excited. And I would wear like mismatching colors. I had these10:31like tomboy, like a nasty, awesome green that I would roll up and it'd be right above my knee because I wasn't ready to10:38show skin I was very conservative, my whole body would be covered. And but I loved it. I wear those green10:43shorts almost every day. My mom would be like Danny, can you I was like pneumonia like these are like these. So I tapped back10:50into that Danny. And I started working with a stylist. And over the years, what I found is I was able to creative direct her. And10:57then I started creative directing my life. And that was the plot twist. We are the creative directors, the11:03executive producers of our lives of every moment. So in that it helped me show myself on the outside what was really11:10happening on the inside. And so this is a reflection of what's happening on the inside. And I get to share that with you. And11:16I'm a living breathing version of my vision board. So it is me dressing up like this, getting in a lift. And I was on my way11:23right across the bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge, shout out to Brooklyn. And I remember my Lyft driver, he goes and I was11:30wearing my tall silver galactic boots. And he said, Oh my gosh, I feel like I'm in the car with a superhero right now. And I had11:37a vision of the bridge. If it were to go down, you would fly us out of here and you would save us and I was like, Oh my11:43gosh, thank you. So the fact that a complete stranger I was meeting for the first time saw me as how I see myself when I am11:50my highest self. So that was the first shift I made was working with a stylist to help me bring my vision to life helped me11:56creative direct, how am I going to show up every day. The second thing I did to help really lean into myself as a creative12:03director, executive producer of my life was to figure out okay, who is this character? When you are getting into character, you12:10need to know what are that character's triggers? What is the story they learned when they were younger. And so before I12:17could create more space to be inspired by everything to have that capacity, there was an opportunity to release the12:23things that were in the way I realized I a version of AI was getting in the way. And so a person I aligned with was my12:29therapist, and a big takeaway in our sessions. My biggest takeaway was my tendency to idolize others. I think that12:36what I tie that to is what we often call imposter syndrome. So I think we can use these terms like impostor syndrome as a12:42blanket term, and we have the opportunity to unbox that, unpack that dissect it, what does that actually mean for me,12:49so what it looked like for me, was me, idolizing others. And that meant putting them up on a pedestal that was higher than12:55me, and therefore putting myself down. So therefore looking at their life and what they had created and saying, that's what13:02I want, that's better than what I have. And by the way, I don't know if I can create that. But let me go after their dream.13:09Before I get back to that there's a great book I just listened to that really sums it up, and it's called wanting by13:15Luke Burgas, or Burgess shout out to Luke on the pronunciation. The main thing he talks about is these mimetic13:21desires. And so mimetic desire is when you base your desires on that of others, and I found that I was basing my desires and what13:28I was going for and who I thought myself to be or not to be was based on others, I was idolizing, who I saw as better13:34than me. And so for instance, if I'm hanging around someone, and they're close to me, and their their dream is to have a $4013:41million home in the Hollywood Hills, that became my dream, if their dream was to be a billionaire, that became my13:47dream, if my peers in the industry, if their dream was to have $100 million exit of their company, that became my dream.13:54And what I realized was, I was idolizing them, and therefore losing sight of what my desires were. So the second thing I14:01tried on was alright, let's, let's release this. And now when I get into rooms, I am interacting much differently14:07with the other energies and the other beings in the room. The previous version of me would get into a room, and I would14:13immediately measure everybody up and I had this invisible, visible measuring stick that would say, okay, that's the top14:20dog in this room. What do I like about them? And for me, I usually I idolize people who were charismatic, outgoing, like14:26the party, funny, smart. Everyone was vibe, and everyone was attracted to them. And I was like, oh, and then I will look,14:33I'll be like, Oh my God, they're so smart. Oh, I don't know what to say, oh, my gosh, they've created this in their life. They14:40had this big house, they have this big thing, and therefore I would clam up and I would forget who Danielle is. And I found14:47myself trying to be that person. And then when I wasn't in my mind meeting up to who they were, I would just claim back14:53up. So now when I go to a room, I just went to a friend's birthday party, and it was amazing. And I knew that the14:59previous Danny would want to like, show up and stay out until 4am. And convince everybody, let's get matching tattoos which15:06I have done on another trip. But that was me, I was like, I've got to do all these things. Because the measuring stick15:12says, I've got to be the life of the party. I'm the party's party starter, I've got to be the one that everybody tells stories15:19about afterwards, what I found was that became draining. And it had me get away from who I wanted to show up as in that15:26moment. So I remember being at this party recently, and taking so much solace in sitting on the couch and observing folks and15:33sending them good vibes from across the room and being like, I love their spirit. I love their being Oh, someone came to15:39talk to me, how are you? But what's what's going on. And I went home at 1am and I was feeling good, the party was15:45still going. And then it was actually that next day, and it was in Mexico City. And I was staying by myself in a beautiful15:52home. I ended up saying you know what, y'all, I'm actually going to skip brunch. I'm going to take some me time. And the15:59previous Danny was you got to be at brunch, gotta be there, you got to be up to that. I was like, I'm gonna walk around16:05Mexico City by myself. I'm gonna listen to this audiobook was which was wanting, and I'm going to tap back into what I want.16:12And I'm gonna go back to the place I'm staying. I'm gonna go on the rooftop. I'm the only one on the rooftop. I'm gonna pull16:19out my journal and write and I journaled and I wrote a letter. And it was incredible. And I got back to who am I so that was the16:26biggest lesson for me was idolizing others and taking on their desires as my own. Once I cleared that up. Oh, it created16:32space and capacity for me to creative direct. What is here for me? Hey, this is Danielle Leslie, and I have a question for you.16:39If you are a creative entrepreneur, and your business is unique, why are you working with a generic accountant? One16:46of the best decisions I made was who I would partner with on my taxes and my accounting. 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So the third piece of this is once we release and we create space and capacity to18:49continue creative directing. It was me finding inspiration all around me because it's always all around us. It's just the18:55lens in which we're looking at it. Are we looking closely? Are we allowing the messages to come in? So I want to share a story19:01with you for how I have incorporated music which definitely inspires me into my business. So it was a CEO19:09retreat. And when you hear CEO retreat, you're probably like, Okay, we were buttoned up, we were like, okay, board room, what's happening with the numbers, where's the19:15forecasting? And but let me show you how we did it. And this is really me knowing I have the capacity and the space. And it19:23was the morning of the final day of the retreat. And I knew we had workshops coming up. And we had this theme we came up with19:30on the first night at dinner where we all had the woowoo in common and we were like you know what our motto for this retreat19:36is woowoo okay, because we all woowoo about to be like what and so that morning I said wait a minute can go whoa, whoa, whoa19:45Jeffrey Osborne came into my mind like growing up my dad would play music all the time. He is the king of creating19:52ambiance he would have the light I remember being like Dad, why is the late in the study on he's like, Oh, it's about the19:58ambiance baby. And I was like, but no one He's in the study and I'm thinking about the light bill. And he's like, it's the ambiance, it's okay. And sure enough, when you would walk by20:05you would feel you would feel the energy from the dimly lit light in the corner of the study. So growing up with my20:11dad, he had a lot of music, and he would play Jeffrey Osborne sometimes and Anita Baker, he plays the same soundtrack. Every20:19year on his birthday, he has the same soundtrack he plays, which is so beautiful. So being surrounded by music, I didn't20:26appreciate it until honestly, the last couple of years on how much inspiration there is, we just sit and listen. So I'm20:35there the morning of and I'm sitting at my desk, and I'm listening. And I'm like, what's coming in for today? And it was20:41Whoa, whoa, whoa. So I looked up the song. And later that day, we20:47had our sip and paint. So we're upstairs right up there. And we have our easel setup and our canvases. And we're going to20:53open up the session. And it's our since 3000, sipping paint, where we get to embody the past, present, and future us now. And21:00I opened up and I played Jeffrey Osborne, I said, Alright, shall you hit a wall song that's played whoo, whoo song. And then21:08I shared the lyrics, and I want to share the lyrics with you. And what I encouraged them to do in that moment. And what I want21:13to encourage you to do in this moment, is reimagine this song for you. So when it was originally made, it was a love21:21song, and it still lives as a beautiful love song. And he's speaking to His love. And what I encourage them to do was to21:27realize the biggest, most amazing expanse of love is you this, you are the biggest, most amazing love of your life, like21:36You are the love of your life. And so I asked them, when I read these lyrics, I want you to imagine that you are saying this21:42to yourself. It says when you want all the love you deserve, and the heat's on your mind, don't even think about it all be21:51there just wrapped around you that you should be mine. Anything you want. You got to fortify my love. You fortify me,22:02and you're Whoa, whoa, whoa. And you're Whoa, whoa, whoa, you shouldn't be mine, all mine. Any way that your heart has been22:11denied, oh, you can come to me, every time we're together, just22:18becomes the good thing we've got. And something this good can't be denied. In the height of your worry, worries went in22:27too deep for you, when it all becomes too much, too much, too much. I'll pull you through. So when I am thinking about how22:37everything I see and touch has the potential for me to see it in this new life, in this new life and life through this new22:46lens, and then I can incorporate it into every part of my being every particle every moment of my day, even if we are at that22:54business retreat, and we are at the table with the other CEOs, and we're getting ready to paint we have the opportunity to bring23:01in Jeffrey Osborne. And guess what in that moment, Jeffrey became our mentor, he became our mentor in that moment to deliver23:07a message. And I know when he made the song, he didn't have me on his mind. He's like I'm making this for you. But guess23:13what everything in this world was made for you. And it's just a matter of are you open to seeing that and knowing that and23:19owning it and asking yourself, How is this for me? And how can I have it move through me and use it to my benefit to also23:26inspire those around me but first inspire myself. So when you hear some love songs and you listening, I want you to ask23:33yourself, oh, is this for me? What is this? What is here for me right now and incorporate that into you really executive23:41producing every moment every this is your album we create in the album, y'all. So how can you incorporate that into every23:47moment. And so the fourth way that I realized, speaking of albums, and that we are creating our albums, I was sitting on my23:55couch right here in the living room. And I was thinking about the books I was going to write in my life. And they were three24:00books I saw and I saw the titles. And I realized that each of those books belong to a part of the different phases in my24:07life. And I realized, you know what? I'm no different from any artist who's creating their albums. That first album is the24:15mixtape and what is the mixtape? It's them discovering who they are, it's them borrowing from other people's tracks that are24:22proven to be successful tracks that have already sold millions of copies and they sample the tracks and then they put their24:29own lyrics over it because they're discovering who they are, like, who am I? When I lay over this other person's success24:36and track? What does that sound like? So the first album we create in our life is that mixtape and that first phase of24:44our life where we're trying on different things, different hobbies, oh, what do we want to be when we grow up? Maybe we want to do this thing. Okay, this other person's success. Let24:51me try that on. So that is discovering who you are. And then the second album that I created in that we get to create24:58that you get to create as the executive producer is that first signed album, this is when somebody sees you, they see you25:05plan and out there mixing and taping and whatnot. And they're like, I'm gonna sign you on my record label. And that next25:11album is your first signed album. And that one is when you are creating who you are, you are sitting in the room, and25:17you're asking yourself, Who is me as an artist for this album? Who is my brand? Who is she showing up as? What are her25:23messages? What are the lyrics gonna be? What are my original tracks gonna sound like, and that is that album. And that's25:29your first signed album. And then the final album, that show best selling platinum album. And if you notice the evolution of25:38artists who we all follow who we've all known to love that first phase, that mixtape and then that signed album, the25:45signed album is a collaboration between the record labels saying, Hey, we're gonna help you create yourself. And also,25:51this is what we think it could look like to be well. And then that final one, you get to call the shots, they like, Oh, you've25:57already proved yourself, you've already created yourself. So that third phase is remembering who you are. And that's when you26:04see artists, they're like, Oh, you saw me do that kind of album. Now I'm gonna do this kind of album, like you're gonna26:10get instead of the eight awaits, and the symphonic beats. And that's probably not a thing. But you know what I mean, you're26:15gonna get this high evolution dance album, like people switch it up. And so that's what we have the opportunity to do for26:21that final album. It's really us remembering who you are. And so for you, it's asking yourself, How does this best selling26:28platinum record an album look like? I get to collaborate with me, myself and I with the universe with God, with every26:36single thing that I surround myself by that lens to my inspiration, every film, I watched every documentary, every26:43concert, I go to like embodying that person's energy and being like, Oh, who am I in this moment? That's that best selling26:49album. And what that's looked like for me is opening up in the last couple of years to say, You know what, I want to do a26:56podcast. And I want to just talk and say, what comes into my mind and say who I am right now, in this moment, that's maybe27:03unscripted, unrehearsed, and we just pop it off of what's coming through us. It also looked like deciding, I'm going to write my27:09first book and having the editor fly out, spend a week with me right here in New York, walk my daily do hookah with me on the27:17couch, dress up with the cat ears and whatnot, go on the rooftop and drink cocktails. And then for me to go on my front27:23lawn and watch the sunset, and then meet up with friends. serendipitously. It's looked like deciding that I want to27:30invite these live events into my life, I want to want to invite this entity collection. I want to try my luck at this. And I27:38realized, that's the Danny I've always been. I've always been playing with things. I've always been inspired by things around27:45me. I've always been a tinkerer and curious and an experimenter. And somewhere along the way, when I was creating myself, I27:51got locked in this business, this identity, this brand that I created. And I thought that I had to stay there. And now I27:58want to invite you to ask yourself, what does it look like now for your your next album for this next phase, where you get28:05to remember who you are, where you get to be inspired by everything around you, where you pop on Netflix, and you watch28:11something, they got a series this on sex rooms, and there's amazing interior designer. And she found that one time a couple28:18asked her to design their sex room. And she was like, I don't even know what a spectrum is. And then now she's the expert in28:23designing sex rooms, because she's like, Yo, this is a thing. And she teaches you about sex positivity and appreciate your28:30partner and the gratitude that comes and the way you can creative direct and executive producer home to where you have28:35a special room. That's for y'all to connect. And so in me and watching that and being like, Yo, I want a sex room and my28:40next hallway, let's do that, like that's what I mean by finding that inspiration everywhere. And that little sex28:46room that's going to add so much life and vibration to my life, my partner's life. And it's going to inspire the friends who28:52come visit. And I'll be like, Y'all want to come? I was so cool. That would take it. Let me take it. Let me take you28:58up there. Let me show you. And then like, I love this because I get to be myself here. And I can design it how I want to. So I29:05want to invite you, what are you going to creative director, what are you going to executive produce, because that's who you29:11are already, somewhere along the way we forgot. And this is my time and your time for us to remember. So let's do it. Thank29:18you so much for joining me on this episode. I hope you got 123 infinite amount of things. And this inspires you to really lean29:25into being the creative director, executive producer of your life of your journey. And as always, I love you since29:313000. You're here you've been listening to me on SINCE3000 You're probably on my newsletter, you probably know my29:38story, right that I've been able to turn my story my life experiences into an incredible online business that I'm29:44passionate about. And I've been able to impact people's lives on demand. And chances are you want to learn how to do that too. So29:51people always ask me Danielle, how can I work with you? So there are two ways you can work with me. The first way is in29:58course from scratch of course. Scratch is our incredible program we've helped over 10,000 people and you will learn how to30:04launch your very own online business in 30 days. Now the second way to work with me is my course alchemy program. And of30:11course alchemy is going to walk you through how I've been able to launch my own webinar and scale my business past the seven30:18figure mark. So if you know that you want to build an online business that is in the high six figures or even seven figures,30:25you want that million dollar online business, then you want to join us in our VIP option which is of course from scratch,30:31and course alchemy. Now if you just want to get started then go ahead and join our course from scratch program. But all I'm30:38telling you is that if you do one thing today and one thing only, at least join us in course from scratch and let's take this30:45journey together. All right head on over to coursefromscratch.com/learn and you'll be able to select the30:51option that is right for you coursefromscratch.com/learn. Less get it y'all!EnglishAllFrom Danielle LeslieConversationRelatedListenableLiveRecently uploadedWatched

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