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Hi, We’re Podcast Supply.

We're not your average podcast experts. We're an award-winning team that loves amplifying voices and meaningful messages for brands and people around the world.

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Your All-in-One Platform Made by Creators, For Creators

We make podcasting easy. We understand the unique needs of creators because we are creators ourselves. Our all-in-one platform is meticulously designed to support every aspect of your podcasting needs. From show development to on-site or virtual productions, editing, guest booking and more… we’ve got you fully covered to produce and manage your podcast show entirely for you.

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Our Story

We make impactful podcasts for impact driven clients.

Welcome to Podcast Supply, where we turn your podcasting vision into reality. As a premier production and management service, our mission is clear: to empower brands with captivating, results-driven podcasts.

We're not just creators; we're storytellers, crafting meticulously tailored shows that resonate with your audience. With a focus on quality, creativity, and innovation, we're dedicated to elevating your brand through the power of podcasting. Let's amplify your message together.

We’re proud to partner with inspiring brands around the world.

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I know you've poured many hours into this so KUDOS to you because it looks AND FEELS fantastic. Thank you a million! Looking forward to working with you on our full season, E1-E12! Let's go!!!!!

Ashley J. Hobbs

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"Reached over 60,000 downloads shortly after the launch of my new show!"

Julie Chenell

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Love it! Looking forward to more episodes. So nice to see an African American couple sharing with us a slice of their wisdom and joy. Thank you!!

Wellness Woman

Our Process

How We Work

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01 / Discovery

Show Launch and Development

At Podcast Supply, we specialize in podcast launch strategy. Our approach involves close collaboration with you to grasp your audience, objectives, and brand identity. Together, we delve into concepts and themes that break through the clutter and deeply connect with your listeners. We consider the following:

  • Conducting audience research to understand your target demographic.
  • Developing formats tailored to your content goals and brand voice.
  • Aligning podcast strategies with your business objectives.
  • Mapping out episode content to ensure engaging storytelling.
  • Identifying and sourcing suitable hosts and talent for your podcast endeavors.
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02 / Creative

Professional Production

At Podcast Supply, our commitment to quality shines through in every aspect of production. Whether in our state-of-the-art recording studios, on-location shoots, or remote collaborations, our dedicated producers guarantee that your voice resonates as clearly as your message. Our services include:

  • Assigned dedicated producer/project manager for personalized attention.
  • Professional mixing and mastering to ensure top-notch audio quality.
  • Studio and remote recording options for flexibility and convenience.
  • Crafting unique sonic branding to enhance your podcast's identity.
  • Expert scripting and detailed show notes to captivate your audience from start to finish.
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podcast services - podcast supplypodcast supply services
podcast services - podcast supplypodcast services - podcast supply
03 / Marketing

Publishing and Promotion

We excel in Distribution & Promotion, expanding your audience through personalized marketing strategies across social media, podcast web content, and email campaigns. We deliver your podcasts publicly or privately with precision. Our services include:

  • Utilization of our trusted hosting and distribution platform for seamless podcast management.
  • Fully-managed podcast editing, optimizing, publishing and promoting.
  • Creation of engaging video and audio experiences for social media assets to enhance visibility.
  • Design and execution of targeted campaigns and promotions to amplify your podcast's reach.
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04 / Evaluate

Performance and Analytics

Unlock the power of data with our detailed podcast performance reports. Discover your audience demographics, geographic reach, and top-performing episodes to refine your strategy and maximize impact.

  • Track growth and success metrics
  • Analyze subscriber and listener engagement
  • Receive customized reports aligned with your objectives
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Meet Our Team

Meet the experts behind your future podcast.

Welcome to Podcast Supply, where our passion for podcasting and storytelling drives us to amplify your voice and transform ordinary narratives into unforgettable podcasts that resonate with audiences. Meet our dedicated team of podcasters, marketers, editors, designers, writers, and more committed to making your stories shine and ensuring your message is heard loud and clear.

dallin nead
Dallin Nead
brenden blackham
Brenden Blackham
Podcast Director
justine baughen
Justine Baughan
Account Manager
kate rawlins
Kate Rawlins
devin collins
Devin Collins
Post-Production Supervisor
jared erickson
Jared Erickson
Video Editor

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of podcast agencies?

Podcast agencies specialize in creating and promoting podcasts on behalf of the brand or individual hosting the podcast. They operate within the broader realm of content marketing, focusing on crafting niche-specific content, fostering guest relationships, and delivering valuable content to engage potential customers.

What advantages does podcasting have for marketing?

Podcasts have become a popular and extremely engaging content marketing strategy that provide you the ability to show off your knowledge, build relationships with your audience, and efficiently generate leads and conversions.

Can you help with content creation and scripting?

Yes, we guide you through messaging and consulting sessions to develop show titles, episode outlines and scripts, and more to bring clarity and confidence to your podcast.

Do you provide hosting and distribution services?

Yes, we set up, optimize and manage your podcast hosting platform of choice, or the one we recommend for you in order to successfully publish episodes to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more.

Can you assist with marketing and promotion?

Yes, to scale the results of your podcast it’s essential to promote your show on all the right channels (not just mainstream podcasting channels like Spotify). So we offer social media promotion services, email campaigns and other customized marketing solutions to expand your reach.

What are the costs associated with podcast agencies?

When outsourcing podcast production, the pricing can vary significantly per episode. The final cost depends on the services required and your choice of editor. To understand the factors behind this wide price range, explore our podcasting marketplace.

What services do you offer?

Podcast Supply provides all the done-for-you podcasting services you need to successfully develop, plan, record, edit, distribute and manage your podcast. Explore our podcasting marketplace to learn more.

How do you handle branding and artwork for my podcast?

After we discover your unique story, vision and branding style we design unique podcast cover artwork and thumbnails that captivate your audience. We also consider the choice of music and other branding elements to ensure consistency with the client's brand identity.

Do you offer any additional services or resources for podcasters?

Yes, we have an ever-expanding library of resources for podcasters and brands like you, including in-depth guides, articles, podcast episodes, consulting sessions, training workshops, and more.

How involved will I be in the podcast production process?

Due to Podcast Supply offering done-for-you solutions we aim to minimize your time and attention as much as possible. We do recommend your review and approval on episode titles, outlines and feedback during the production process.

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