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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of podcast agencies?

Podcast agencies specialize in creating and promoting podcasts on behalf of the brand or individual hosting the podcast. They operate within the broader realm of content marketing, focusing on crafting niche-specific content, fostering guest relationships, and delivering valuable content to engage potential customers.

What advantages does podcasting have for marketing?

Podcasts have become a popular and extremely engaging content marketing strategy that provide you the ability to show off your knowledge, build relationships with your audience, and efficiently generate leads and conversions.

Can you help with content creation and scripting?

Yes, we guide you through messaging and consulting sessions to develop show titles, episode outlines and scripts, and more to bring clarity and confidence to your podcast.

Do you provide hosting and distribution services?

Yes, we set up, optimize and manage your podcast hosting platform of choice, or the one we recommend for you in order to successfully publish episodes to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more.

Can you assist with marketing and promotion?

Yes, to scale the results of your podcast it’s essential to promote your show on all the right channels (not just mainstream podcasting channels like Spotify). So we offer social media promotion services, email campaigns and other customized marketing solutions to expand your reach.

What are the costs associated with podcast agencies?

When outsourcing podcast production, the pricing can vary significantly per episode. The final cost depends on the services required and your choice of editor. To understand the factors behind this wide price range, explore our podcasting marketplace.

What services do you offer?

Podcast Supply provides all the done-for-you podcasting services you need to successfully develop, plan, record, edit, distribute and manage your podcast. Explore our podcasting marketplace to learn more.

How do you handle branding and artwork for my podcast?

After we discover your unique story, vision and branding style we design unique podcast cover artwork and thumbnails that captivate your audience. We also consider the choice of music and other branding elements to ensure consistency with the client's brand identity.

Do you offer any additional services or resources for podcasters?

Yes, we have an ever-expanding library of resources for podcasters and brands like you, including in-depth guides, articles, podcast episodes, consulting sessions, training workshops, and more.

How involved will I be in the podcast production process?

Due to Podcast Supply offering done-for-you solutions we aim to minimize your time and attention as much as possible. We do recommend your review and approval on episode titles, outlines and feedback during the production process.

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