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Meet Tara Reed - CEO of Apps Without Code, a company humanizing app development, helping thousands of ambitious professionals take an idea and turn it into something that can serve millions. But Danielle and Tara aren’t here to talk tech…Tune in as Tara shares her road from scarcity mindset to abundance queen through the help of hypnotherapy, time travel, and challenging herself to get more self-actualized. As well as finding and embracing all the different “characters” she embodies.Acknowledging that this world is not always created or designed for us, listen in as your host and her good friend Tara urge you to walk through every portal the universe opens for you. Only then, can you grow, reach the next level and find your highest authentic self.QUOTABLES “You are the vibrational average of the five people closest to you.” “There's always a portal there for you. And most people just never open any of the doors.” “I’m a lot and that’s beautiful.”

KEY POINTS - Meet The 3 Goddesses, Super Hero, and Inner Child [3:23] - When scarcity looks you in the eye [8:24] - Shifting your definitions of success and into your highest self [26:37] - Tara’s Birthday Challenge [34:53]- Opening portals to different levels [40:35]- What does masculine and feminine mean to you? [47:06] - How to thrive in a world not designed for you [50:02] - The importance of the people closest to you [56:02]GUEST INFORMATION Tara ReedIG | instagram.com/tarareed_ appswithoutcode.comRESOURCES - Join Member Up - Get 14 days FREE - Watch the Course From Scratch Masterclass - Follow Danielle on IG - Follow SINCE3000 on IG GO SUBSCRIBE to SINCE3000 on All Streaming Platforms -Subscribe on YouTube -Subscribe on Apple Podcasts -Subscribe on Spotify

Danielle Leslie

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Danielle Leslie is a believer in infinite possibilities and the founder of Culture Add Labs. She helps people uncover their Culture Add, collapse time, and launch an iconic online course or business around it.

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0:00I remember the hypnotherapy session where I really like cleared a lot and made a big breakthrough. And0:06like if people are listening to this, and I'm like, What is hypnotherapy? It's like a guided meditation. And it gets you just0:12to like a relaxed state where the guards that are standing at the door of your subconscious, they go on break, and you're0:18able to, like actually get in there and work on stuff that you're subconsciously doing, right? Because if you're0:23conscious of it, like Yeah, like it's sort of easy to tackle, but stuff that's happening subconsciously, it's hard to0:29like stop those behaviors because it's just like running on its own. So hypnotherapy allows you to like put you in a0:34relaxed theta brain state enough so that like you can go in there and work on your subconscious stuff.0:39Welcome back to Since3000. I'm Danielle Leslie. And we are here today with one of my best friends in the whole wide world.0:47Tara Reed. And I cannot wait for you to dial into our0:52conversation. We have conversations all the time that go deep and far and wide. And you're gonna see a glimpse into0:59how incredible this woman is. She has built an amazing company apps without code that has educated 10s of 1000s of people,1:08helping them own the fact that they can build an app that they can take an idea and turn it into something that can help so1:17many people. She's also a trailblazer, she was one of the first people to make art collecting accessible to the1:24masses. When I see her I truly see a magician, a maverick all1:29the ends. And because of that, you know what, you know what I also love, what I also love about Tara, so you said this,1:37you are the vibrational average of the five people closest to you. And what you're going to get to see in today's episode is1:44what that truly means. When you're in proximity with someone who's vibrating high. What that brings out of you and calls1:50forward in you. So I am so excited for you to get to know tea even more deeply, you're gonna see this transformation1:59that she's going through our obsession with identity, and all the things so tea. Welcome to the show.2:10I'm so excited to bring you today's episode. But before we do, I need to make sure you've heard about member up. So2:17community driven products are the future. But Facebook groups are a thing of the past. And after 10 plus years in the2:23online education space. I've taken all my learnings and I've built this incredible platform member up. It's a customizable2:31easy to use all in one platform where you can build a premium course community or membership site without the tech headache.2:39Gone are the days of having to duct tape together, your content, your community, your payments, all on different2:46platforms. I want you to do me a favor, do yourself a favor and head over right now to member up.com Ford slash Danielle and2:54you can get started for free today. I promise you, I can't wait for you to see this platform. It's beautiful. Okay,3:00the design is amazing. Your community is going to feel at home here and you are going to take pride in your online3:06business. It is the place to start head over to member of.com Ford slash Danielle. Now let's get into the episode. I'm really3:14excited for people to just listen in on a regular ass conversation that we have, which is always super deep conversations3:20can get a little wild. So very wild. I realized we could take one word and go for like three hours. Yeah, just go deep. Yes.3:27Which is what I so appreciate about you. I would say like one of my biggest lessons has been self awareness and telling the3:35truth in real time. I love how you created these archetypes for our friend group. Yeah. You were like What is vine?3:44I have no idea. I have no idea. The authenticator, the authenticator. Yeah, yeah. To3:51me, what that means is, when you think about the authenticator app, you log in. And you got to put in a code to say that you4:00are granted access to your account, because you've put in the proper code, and you are telling the truth. That's what4:06you do to people when you are talking to them. You're like, oh, no, no, no, no, you haven't shared the real truth. Let me4:12ask you another question to get the actual code to access what's really there. Interesting. So you say I'm nosy.4:23So I think one thing we share in common is like a fascination around identity. And I know you're in the middle of this4:29amazing project. Where so first I want to ask you about the4:35identity you're embodying today. And then I would love to hear about what you're doing right now with identity.4:40Okay, great. Yeah. Good question. I'm working through4:46just identifying the different parts of myself. And where this came from. It came from me like experimenting with dating. And4:55realizing that I have been doing this thing where I'm like minimizing my I fell over simplifying myself for like5:02basic guys consumption. Wow. So I was like, Oh, stop doing that.5:07And it came from having like a couple conversations with people who had a lot of space for all of me. And the contrast of that,5:14I was like, oh, like, I need to step more into that. So I started sort of like journaling a little bit about, like,5:20different sides of me. And the different components of myself5:26and they sort of started forming into characters, like alter egos. And so there's like, thus far, so we're, he's going to be5:33an evolving project, right? But there's three goddesses, a superhero and an inner child.5:38Oh, okay, we need to meet these people telling us Okay, so I'm focused now because we there's a lot so focus on5:45like, the three goddesses. And I think like what I mean by that are just sort of like the Regal myths that I have inside of me.5:52And I thought that there's one there's actually multiple. I, the one I'm probably most embodying today, and they5:59sometimes it's like a mix, but I have like a, like a Earth warrior queen. And usually I use her because sometimes you have6:08to put them on or in the morning, I like Who do I need today. In the morning, if I have like a bunch of meetings, I've6:17gotta like, get through a thing. That's usually the character that I turn on. I have I started making playlists for each of the6:23characters to Oh, so like, on that particular playlist,6:29there's some like, Beyonce homecoming. Yes, there's a song6:35by Nicki Minaj. It's like old one. It sort of she has these6:40like different characters to I don't know if you've heard this where she's like, I'm Nicki Minaj. Nicki the Ninja, Nicki6:45the hair. Boss. She's got like all these. She's the epitome of that. She's got like, Oh, yes. And one song6:52she brings. I'll have that. Like, we're not one dimensional. So I have my6:57like, Earth warrior. I have like a call like a water siren. This7:03is one I've been playing with more. And I read that book pissy7:08by Regina. Mama Gina. I can't remember her whole name. But Mama.7:14Yes. And she had this activity like this challenge to like, because what I noticed myself doing is like, when men would7:21look at me, I would immediately divert my eyes. Oh, wow, for habit. And so the activity was to like, just flirt back and be7:28attracted to just like, when you're at the coffee shop to like him, like embody and be comfortable with your own7:34sexiness. So like when I'm sort of doing that I have this sort of like water siren kind of thing happening. And then7:42there's another one which is like my high priestess abundance queen. It's where like, I feel like I've got like, all the7:49resources, I'm not feeling in scarcity, I get to share with my friends I get to I'm usually like very aligned and7:54spiritually connected. So like, those are my three. And they come and play at different times. So that's what I've been7:59sort of playing around with and working on. I love that. Oh my gosh. So I love how you started the thread.8:06And you said what inspired you was when you were in dating? How you had certain people who could embody all the different8:13dimensions of you. Yeah, and I related to that, cuz I remember writing my journal. How I was looking for a man who could8:22embody all that I am. And I said it takes a whole lot of man to hold all that I am yeah. And it had me think about the Way of8:30the Superior Man and the masculine energy and the feminine energy. And I was thinking that me when I'm in my8:38essence in my being I am well becoming a new person from moment to moment. expressing myself didn't really from moment8:44to moment. And the I Am is truly I am period. So there is no I am8:50this I Am that I Am that because even that is limiting, but it's I am. So I'm like, yo, there gonna be somebody who needs a8:57hold all of this in the evolution. And that is what I'm hearing with you.9:02Yeah, I think so. I'm working on it. I'm playing with it. For me, like the first step of playing around with it. I'm doing like a9:09photo shoot to each of my personas, just to sort of like stepping into it more it almost like occurs to me is like9:14performance art in a way of my of myself. Right. So that's, I'm9:20excited about that. Yeah, this is huge. Because so when we met when you9:26said abundance queen, there's no space for scarcity. Yeah. And I9:31remember to ground it in even your business because people are meeting you for the first time. Like, I want y'all to know this9:39woman is a badass. Talk about like the most amazing, brilliant9:44mind where you can traverse a math equation to building an app, like looking at code, figuring that out, teaching9:53herself all kinds of things. And when we I remember like conversations in our early days So when I first met TI, she was10:03presenting on stage at the Lean Startup conference. And was the only black woman on stage. Did a TED Talk like situation? And I10:15was just like, oh my gosh, who is this woman? And then I remember, you were. So just like, expansive. And when you10:26said abundance goddess, yes, it like transported me back to one of our earlier conversations, because I want to like ground10:33this, I want them to understand the journey, because I've known you for when we meet in 20. Let me think10:40it had to be teens. I was gonna say 15, it was 2015. And so in these years, I have seen you evolve.10:52So I'm guarantee you really are shape shift a transformer. So I10:59want you to share where because we talked about abundance? Yeah, where previously did scarcity show up for you?11:06Ooh. Okay, so scarcity definitely showed up a lot in my11:12business. And particularly when I was starting, I felt that the most when I was starting my second business, when I started11:19out to that code, and I would do this thing where I would have noxious ly, like, refreshed my sales dashboard. I was11:26obnoxiously checking things. Because I was like, the feeling was, like, I'm doing okay, but I might mess it up. So like, let11:35me see if I messed it up yet. Let me see if I messed it up yet. That was sort of where a lot of the scarcity was coming11:41from. And I think it impacted me because there are a lot of decisions that I was making. Were like, I wasn't investing in11:47myself, I wasn't investing in my business. Like I was really like, Let me hold on to what I have. And I got a counter11:54example. And you and I had to do a lot of work. And this because you seemingly right? And it's always like not that way,12:03inside, but from outside. And as your friend like you are really expanding your grow your investing in yourself was the12:08main thing. So like, I remember the time you were going you're working with a lot of different coaches and learning from them12:14and doing all of that and I was like, That cost so much money. I'm not doing that. Oh, no way. And I got to watch you like12:26growing and blossoming in this and myself not. And at first it showed up as some like jealousy. It showed up as like, oh Daniels12:36doing that, that like it showed up in like a shadow way, like a nasty kind of way for me. And I had to get real with myself that12:44like, I'm not mad at Danielle. She's not doing anything wrong. I'm mad at myself, for not doing those things. Like you gave me a12:49mirror of my own scarcity issues. And I remember12:54specifically, there was a week where I have made that was my first time making like $100,000 in a week. And I that week, I13:02was supposed to get my nails done, but I was like, Oh, I can't get my nails done because I want to do a little design on it's gonna be too much money. wasn't gonna be Oh, no, maybe13:10like $40 $50 It didn't make any sense. Dollar week $1,000 week,13:16I can't get my nails done, right. And that's what I was like, Oh, I have a problem. Like there's a thing to work on here13:23in my relationship with money, my relationship with success, my relationship with abundance. That was when I got really13:29clear, but it was all happening like around that time. And I had found a I get referred to a hypnotherapist to work with. I13:38didn't end up working with that hypnotherapist because I thought she cost too much money. I know. And then I happened to meet13:48another woman who happened to be a hypnotherapist, and I was like, here's your window girl, like you're not gonna do it13:53again. Don't do it again. It's a growth opportunity. And so I13:59decided to work with her. We were working with me for some months. I remember the hypnotherapy session where I14:07really like cleared a lot and made a big breakthrough. And like if people are listening to this, and I'm like, What is14:12hypnotherapy? Like? I know, when I think when I used to think about hypnotherapy, I think about like, you know, the first14:18thing was like the cloud, like you're getting sleepy. Yeah, it's not that it's like a guided meditation. And it gets you just14:25to like a relaxed state, where the guards that are standing at the door of your subconscious, they go on break. Oh, yeah. And14:33you're able to, like actually get in there and work on stuff that you're subconsciously doing, right? Because if you if14:39you're conscious of it, like Yeah, like it's sort of easy to tackle, but stuff that's happening subconsciously it's hard to like stop those behaviors because it's just like14:47running on its own. So hypnotherapy allows you to like put you in a relaxed theta brain state enough so that like you14:54can go in there and work on your subconscious stuff. So that's what I was doing. I remember I had a specific session where I15:00The big breakthrough in my relationship with money. And so I was imagining myself because you're just imagining yourself15:05doing stuff. Sometimes I'm imagining myself, I have to go back to like five year old Tara and ask her what she needs from15:12me in order to like, go on, was it called like to retire from15:19this decision, because like a five year old decision is not helpful right here, you grow now. Or sometimes I'm like,15:26imagine something more abstract. So this particular session where I made a big breakthrough with my relationship with money, I15:33was imagining myself in a house. And my hypnotherapist asked me to allow the energy of money to come in. And she's like, what15:40does it look like? And for some reason, in my subconscious brain, the energy of money, it's like a pink Pepto Bismol colored15:48blob. But if you like overthink it, you knock yourself out. So15:53just let it go go with the blocks go the block. So okay, so since she's like, okay, expand it, like make it a bit bigger,16:01because it was sort of like, this big, it wasn't super huge. And we expanded it, and I kind of was like, in the corner,16:09getting kind of squished and feeling uncomfortable. And I16:15realized that I could like lean on it a little bit. And it was like squishy was bouncy. In fact, like, I could like play16:21with it, like bounce on it, actually. And so like jumping like bouncy house jumping on it. And like, oh, like it's not like16:27it's like can be playful. It's it's light, it's playful, I can manipulate it, I can move around with it like, it's fine. So I'm16:34getting comfortable, like jumping on this pink blob, it's filling up my living room in the house. And she asked me to16:41expand it some more. So now my only option is to expand the16:47whole house. The house has to move. So I imagined myself expanding the house. And we do that a couple of times. And I'm16:55kind of like my subconscious was getting I don't know, for some reason why that worked. But my subconscious got there. Like it17:00can be fun. It can be playful, you can just expand it if you need more room. It's not a big deal. And that really like17:07helped click something for me. But it's been a journey for me obsessively checking everything and worrying about everything,17:14too. Sometimes I still catch myself do that. And I just have I can like let it pass now like, oh, bird looks great. I don't17:21have as much attachment to it. But it's been it's been work. Oh my gosh, that was amazing. Wow, that you17:29helped me. You helped me that you gave me like an alternative to like what it could look like? Do you ever feel like scarcity17:40like that? I feel like we all have things that were like, our strengths or weaknesses that occurs to me is one of your17:46strengths. If you're like I'm comfortable, I'm held. Does it feel that way? You know,17:52hmm, that's so interesting. How do I experience scarcity? So18:00Wow. I think how it occurs to me is, I've been bumping up against18:08this a lot lately. So when I think about the book, The Big Leap, I think hitting the upper limit. I think that helps me18:16articulate how I experience it. So you're right, I'll be the first one to drop money on a mastermind, like tempt me with a18:24sale, I will give you the money. And I may or may not go on the trip that comes with the money, but I'm gonna give you the money. So in those situations, it's a yes. I would say I guess18:35where I experience the scarcity is an I guess what I see as possible for me. So when I think about everyday waking up, and18:47knowing I really can dream, the bigger big be the bigger me do18:53anything. Even like moving into a new industry. I guess that's18:59when I experience it. Yeah, it gets scary. When I know it's19:06almost like it's one of those shows. It's like the should conversation. I'm like, I should be able to see myself as this19:13person who can dream, the bigger dream. Yeah, and know that I can19:19do anything. And when I'm not, I shamed myself for it. And I'm like, why aren't we like, what are we hitting up against? I've19:27been referencing like, JLo a lot. It's like JLo to me is the embodiment of being the cause and the effect I think Dr. Joe19:36talks about when you are we a lot of times as humans think about If This Then That. Yeah. And I think he talks about you19:44seeing yourself as the cause. So I think what that means to me is19:53she walks in in her Versace dress, and she's like, this is19:59what we're doing. And then Google needs to invent Google Images, because so many people are trying to search for this20:06dress. Yes, the embodiment of being the cause the effect. And when I think about her, I'm like, there. I mean, obviously,20:13I don't know her. But it's like, when I think about that, I'm like, Okay, how can I get into the Versace dress? And just walk20:20into whatever room and say, This is it? We're here? This is what20:25we're doing. Instead of being like, should I wear that? I don't know. I don't know if that's Yeah, I haven't done this20:32yet. Am I doing too much? What are people gonna think? Yeah, that's my favorite one. Like I'm doing I think I'm doing too much.20:40Yeah, that's real. And I guess for me, it's, I'm not doing enough. And I don't know why I can't. It's I'm not doing enough.20:49It's interesting how, like, we can all have a story and narrative, right? I'm not doing too much doing enough. And it20:55sort of equally gets in the way. And it's just sort of this like, voice in the back of your head. And we're all just trying to21:03develop this muscle of like, looking at the voice be like, Thank you for your opinion. But that voice is not you, right?21:09It's just like, it's, it's the insecurity. It's a doubt. But like, it doesn't have to be you. I love that you're working21:16through that. Yes. Oh, my gosh, I think I loved when you shared the story,21:21speaking about the different voices and versions of ourselves. When you shared the story of how you visited, I21:29think it was your eight year old self. Yeah. And you had a conversation with her. And I remember, at first I would love21:36for you to like, share that. Because it was a couple of weeks after that, that I was able to visit with sixth grade Danny, in21:45a hot yoga session. And I was in a meditative state, the music was playing and I was laying flat and all of a sudden I was21:51there and it was real. And that lent to like sixth grade Danny21:57is living 60 year old Danny is living. They're all living in different dimensions. We're in the eternal present, I can visit22:03them at any time. I can have conversations with them at any time. And that was my first moment visiting with her. And I22:09went right into my bedroom. And she was working on the science project and protozoa. And she was in the gifted class Dr.22:16Burch and she felt the weight of the world like it was Do or die22:21with this project. It was a three panel cardboard thing. And she waited to the last minute she was shaming herself. She was22:27feeling bad. And it was that stress and weight of the world that I saw shows up and drives the bus. Yeah, as the grown ass22:35Danny, and feels the way to the world in the stress and anxiety. But it was because of the story you shared of you visiting and22:42having a conversation with your all about Tara. Thank you for reminding me. Yes.22:50And I was able to hear something in that moment. And now when I'm feeling it, I'm like, Oh, God, it's it. Great. Danny says22:56great. And he's comments. You trying to drive the bus? And let her know. We're good. Because in that moment, I told her like,23:03You're so good. Yes, so good. Like you are so good. Like, you're good.23:11That's beautiful. This conversation to reminds me how important it is to like vulnerably share what you're23:18going through with your friends, because you don't know what's going to inspire them to go like do their version of whatever23:25that looks like for them like their work. And if you're not sharing vulnerably with your friends, you almost are like23:30robbing them from a learning or experience or a thing for them to get because like I didn't know that impact you like, I'm23:37glad I shared it now. So I think what you're talking about is an23:43I did we both did the landmark forum. Yeah. Which is like a23:49life coaching program. And so in that program that was really like my catalyst for doing a lot of personal work. In that23:56program, you sort of identify a moment in your life where you24:02made a decision about yourself. And usually there's one like very young mine was like pre kindergarten was the first one I24:09can remember. There's one another one I think they say like for women, it's usually like middle school ish. And for24:18guys often like early high school, where you make a decision about yourself and then one like an early adulthood. And24:25I'm not really sure my early adulthood one but I know my first two and the second one is where I had to go do some work24:32that you're referring to. The first one was I was in pre kindergarten I had this friend named Erica, who had she just24:39like learned some like racist stuff from her grandmother, who was raising her and so we're playing and like we're24:45pretending to be the princess and she told me that I couldn't be the princess because I was black. And I'm a tattletale, so24:50I cried with the teacher. The teacher handled it really well. She was like no tearing up the princess. She's like she's all24:57the colors of the rainbow put together. She's a different kind of Prince. This and my like, how will the pre kindergarten I want25:04my four year old brain was like, Oh great, my values being a different kind of Princess. That was what I got from that. Right?25:12And so it's good and it's bad. The good part is that like, I've25:18essentially got to do something a different way. I've got to build a company called apps without code, I've got to like,25:23do the contrarian thing, right. And it works for me in a lot of ways. And also, sometimes there's a way that stuff like it25:30works that way, right? Like, there's a way that works well. And you can just do that. You got to make a trade on25:37everything, on everything. So like, it's a strength, and it becomes a weakness, but it's a thing that sort of running. And25:44then the other one was in middle school, I had this scenario where like, there was a guy that I was taking to really small25:51schools, there's a guy I was dating, like, middle school dating, so it's like, yeah, I was dating. And then he was25:59dating my friend. And he had tried to, like, you know, kiss me or something when they were dating. And I told her, and she26:05blamed me and had all the girls in the class, stop speaking to me for the rest of the year. And I decided that I was going to26:12like, well, like, there's no one talking to me. So like, let me go to like, study hall, and like, I'm gonna work really hard26:17to get into this competitive High School. And I decided in that moment that like, I don't need friends, hard work can be26:23my friend, subconsciously, it wasn't like consciously deciding these things. So the instance that you're talking about, I26:29went, I essentially was doing it through a meditation, but I went to my eighth grade classroom, and sort of stood in the back of26:38the room. This was my, one of my first experiences was really about time traveling and meditation to going back in26:45time. And so I remember in the meditation, I'm sitting in a chair, and I go backwards in time to this moment, and I'm in26:53the back of the classroom. And I didn't want to, like get too close to myself, so I knew I was gonna freak myself out. Right?27:00So I just sort of set the energy of like, you're okay. It's gonna be alright, you got this, you got it, and sort of sent that27:09reassuring energy to myself, but like, that was for sure. I think the instance that I told you about, and I was like, Danny, I27:15did try time travel. Tell me. Yeah, that's right. And that was27:21I think, like, I was really just starting to get into Dr. Joe Dispenza. His work instead of his meditation retreats and stuff, and I was having those experiences. It was like27:28mystical experiences in meditation through that. Yeah. Oh, my gosh,27:34that's been huge. What I have seen in myself, is this change27:43in how I define success for myself? And you know, it started27:48with growing up whatever the Northstar was it said you are27:53achieving. It was that thing. So first, it was the 4.0 it was27:58being president of every organization, prom queen, ASB president ICC president, then having a business it was28:06revenue. It's like, Oh, of course. This is the new Northstar, its revenue, how can I make the most money? And it28:12wasn't until I was faced with you know, breaking up out of the28:17seven year relationship and saying, Okay, wait a minute. First, who am I without this person? And then I need space to28:27answer that question, which means I need space for my business. So who am I without this business? Who is Danielle?28:36Without doing unless, of course from scratch? And in that inquiry, my Northstar shifted. And I think first it went from28:44the revenue to then saying, what does it look like to work 10 hours a week? And committing to that, and then three months28:52making that happen? And now which shifted to self expression? How can I be my most fully expressed self from moment29:00to moment, and that is the new barometer for success for me in my life. And what I want to know is and we're gonna get into the29:10the masculine, the feminine, because as a very masculine and feminine shift. But I want to know, like, how has your29:17definition of success because you've achieved so much like it's wild, it is wild. So I want to know, how has your definition29:29what do you deem as success? Where did it go from whereas it shifted to? Yeah, I think I relate to what you're saying about like, where29:38it started, right? Like starting around, like, gotta get this grades gotta get into school, got to like, do the things that29:44you feel you're supposed to do. I know like growing up, my mom gave me like, you know how they have the ranked list of29:51colleges. She gave me that list to put a line underneath where she went. It's like anything above. Wow, anything above my29:59mom. at USC was like, Oh, it was room. So I think like that was30:08sort of what I had gotten. And I think it was all good intent on her behalf. But my mom is definitely thinking about ROI30:16and her investment. Where's my ROI? And I think after you like,30:26check enough boxes like it gets boring, is boring. So I found30:32myself getting bored at a point of the like accolades Oh, like,30:37this sounds very privileged to say, but it's like another article is not going to be that exciting, like another list that30:44I'm on. It's not really that exciting. And it really to me as30:51well is about like self actualization, self expression, becoming the highest version of myself the most authentic30:58version of myself, we're talking about being the authenticate me, you are sort of saying I'm asking other people questions to31:05get them authentic. Like, it really comes from me feeling now. So Miss, I feel misaligned. If I'm not being authentic, and31:13I'm not around people who are also being authentic, so like, I will stay here and work on it until it feels a line because31:19otherwise I'm going to feel like uncomfortable. I feel uncomfortable. And so what I've been doing is sort of just31:26creating these little challenges for myself of getting more self actualized of asking myself like what would future terror like31:35what's something that future Terra is already doing? That current eras like terrified to do, but future to era feels like31:42it's no big deal. In crafting these little challenges and quests for myself to step into those things. Like, I'll give31:50you an example. Last year was the first time we had like a big31:55potential acquisition conversation, a company reached out, we were talking about potentially selling up to that32:00code. And as we were talking, I realized that the way that I32:06feel about myself and my worth, like, I couldn't even imagine what my life would look like, if I had that dollar amount in my32:13bank account. I couldn't really like wrap my head around that. And so I was clear, but like, I can't even confidently have this32:20conversation. until like, I'm that future version of myself, that I'm gonna step into eventually. And so I crafted32:29this little like challenge for myself. So I was like, what would I do I get like really pretty house in LA and I would32:36have like a really nice spacious like dining room where I could like host dinner parties, and where I can like be nosy with32:42all my friends about all their lives. And also invite new people and interesting people and be nosy what she knows, she32:49knows, you know. So um, and and there were other things I would32:56like something that I eventually took off the list. But there I was experimenting, like, I will get my makeup done every day. It turns out that I didn't really like that I like makeup that33:03much. But that was on the list. Yeah. Let's try it out. I had like a list of things that I would do. And then I booked a33:08flight to LA to go do those things. So I like went on Zillow33:14and like reached out to some properties. I totally couldn't afford to go tour and go see them to just like let's make it33:19comfortable and feel normal. I like hired and makeup artists to do my like, look for a little while, like I was doing those33:26things so that they felt like no big deal so that I could easily make it happen. Because when you feel like it's a big deal, like33:33you block it. It feels unreachable. You're blocking it. It feels like nothing. If you've what33:39was the like to tour the homes and were these like $2 million homes, million dollar homes, half million dollar homes. What33:46did that feel like? Okay, well, I went in thinking like, Oh, I'm gonna rent a place and I had a rent budget. And I went to go see the33:54rent budget places. I was like, oh, no, this is not what I was talking about. Like if we're gonna do this and like actually34:00do it. Yeah, it was like, Oh, actually, at this point, it wouldn't even make sense to rent like people at that point. You34:06just buy and if you want to move you sell it and make a little bit money and just buy another one. So I was like, okay, like, let me look at things for sale. And so they were like $5 million34:15$6 million houses. So how did it feel walking through there? Knowing Okay,34:21future Tara's trying this on? Yeah, well, I like nice stuff. So once I got in there I feel34:28comfortable. Yeah, yeah, I actually didn't feel once I got34:35there. I didn't feel super intimidated on the plane on the way that like everything leading up to it felt really intimidating, but once I was in there, I didn't feel super34:43intimidated. And I kind of at that point was like you're in it now. Just fake it till you make it can you can afford this house34:48just you know, go look around see it? Yeah. But I think what it did was it gave me a clear like vision of where we're going34:56what's possible, and there were some things on that list that I took off because like this isn't Even me, I don't even care about this part, take this off. I'm an ultra homebody. So like my home35:06and my space that, you know, some of those things stayed on there. But I think those are some examples of things that I35:12have been working on to just like get to a more limitless35:18version of myself because those things have that's not possible. That was like limitation I added. Alright. And we're35:24talking about self expression, self actualization becoming the highest and best version of yourself. Like those have been35:30some little challenges I've been giving myself also the challenge of the characters and the versions of myself and just35:35expressing that without worrying about am I doing too much, it's, uh, you know, so that those are kind of like examples of things35:42I've been working on to, to really like undoing stuff and doing stuff you've learned. To get to you get to me,35:51it's been proven that procrastination can be one of our biggest enemies to success. Now, contrary to belief,35:57procrastination is not based on a lack of time management or organizational skills. Procrastination is directly36:03linked to to our emotions. Now, the reason I know this is because of Patti Johnston. Patty Johnson is incredible. She's of36:10course from scratch, remember, but even more importantly, she's built multiple multimillion dollar businesses once she36:16learned how to overcome procrastination. So she's created a program where she shares her system on how to36:22overcome procrastination. And it's based on emotional intelligence, neuroscience and accountability. She's going to36:28show you step by step how to overcome negative feelings. So you can start taking action and start seeing a difference from36:34day one. So text this number right now to schedule an appointment with Patti and her team to see if this is right for36:41you, and what steps for you to take to overcome your procrastination 813-789-1097. And again, the number to text36:49right now is 813-789-1097. Let's all overcome procrastination36:56together. Now let's get back to the episode. One quest you gave37:02yourself one challenge was your birthday last year? That was your first time I think truly celebrating your birthday. Oh,37:09yeah. And it was phenomenal. Like, it really created a space37:16where and I was talking to Sean earlier, where it's like, we truly became family. Um, I want you to paint the picture for the37:24people. What your birthday celebration was like, Okay, great. The challenge for my birthday was to get out of my37:34own way about what other people were gonna think. So even though37:39in reality, like all my friends were happy to just like, do whatever and celebrate my birthday hit me with it, whatever was it37:45what other people were gonna think or you were gonna think? Well, it's really like, what I think that you're gonna think37:51because you probably not even thinking my reality. Right? Right. So it was really like, well, I thought that you were gonna thought we were gonna think it was like a whole way I37:59had created right? And this is quick sidenote, a thing that I'm38:05working through right now. Because I see this in like family members. And like my mother in particular, our see38:10where I got the like, oh, you created a whole nother reality web of something's happening. Something's not but like, that's38:17the thing I'm working through in general. But in this scenario was like, Don't worry about what they think create the experience38:24that you want. And that is an expression of you. And to celebrate your 30th birthday sort of us. So we went to38:31Dominican Republic. I randomly felt called to go there. I do not know why I didn't really second guess it. I was like,38:38Dude, that's the answer. That's what we're gonna do. Not overthinking it. By the way, like I overthought a lot of38:45things, so I'm gonna make it seem like, I'm very grateful that my friends have flexible track ability to travel because38:52I sent that invite out, like real late. And the reason why was because I was like, Oh my gosh, I don't know what they're38:58gonna say. So like, Thank you for coming. Um, and so we went39:06to the ER, we had this really beautiful villa. Yeah. It was just us. There may be seven of us something like that. Seven of39:16us. And okay, we did all kinds of things. We had like a sort of39:22visioning of our next cells ceremony that we did. And we even like each we kind of all were given a card cosmic did39:31this. Someone came in to do this with us. And so we were each39:36given a different expression format, song, dance, or rat39:43Spoken Word and Word. Yeah. And we had to, like create the thing about our future selves.39:50That was so good because it was a mirror. In particular for me, yeah. Because she gave us this and it was so uplifting and it39:58was like great. And then he said, Once we got the assignment I shut down. I remember I met. I was I was like, I already40:08it was little Danny being like, I'm overwhelmed by this challenge. I feel the pressure. It has to be perfect. I don't know what I'm gonna say. I don't know. I'm gonna write I'm gonna40:14nap. I'm gonna go to sleep. Yeah, so it was so amazing. Shawn's gonna come out he's gonna have a full production.40:20full production he did. He did. So good.40:25Yeah, yes. Okay, so like we did that activity. Um, we I think I40:32like created my like high priestess abundance clean persona in that activity, actually. And then we also had,40:42we like, went on this like, plantation, a lot of land was like a cooking class. And we're like learning about their40:48culture. We also what else do we do at a clothing optional pool party. So fun. Was very meat. Yeah, absolutely free.40:58Absolutely. We did lots of sin. notae Oh, we did the dinner and just to notate. And then we did41:03us there. Like, walk down the stairs. And it was like in the middle. Yes. And there was like water at the bottom. We're the41:11only ones in there. And it was like, the the rock was lit up was like a blue light. And we just walked up the stairs as the41:17live music. The live band was playing just for us just for fun. And there was a table and there's like a body of water and41:25surrounded by rock formations. And we're in this in North Bay. And there's a table just press. Yes. And there was dinner. The41:32food was amazing. Well, like we didn't need it. We don't need another level. We want another41:39level. That's quite good. Later, we took it to go. Everything were like they were really worried. Right? They were41:46worried everything was okay. Yes. We were having a good time. It was good. Yeah, it was good. And then we had the dinner where41:53we dressed up as like the celestial versions of ourselves. Yes. Yes. Shawn sent me to plan for the party. He sent me42:03questions will questionnaire and one of the questions was like, how do you want people to feel when they arrive? And how do you42:10want people to feel when they leave. And I really wanted people to feel like they stepped into the next version of42:17themselves. Like I didn't want to just be my birthday. I want it to be like our birthdays. And it was like a portal. That was42:25the intention. And I didn't tell anybody other than Shan Shan knew. But anyway, that was the intention. And afterwards like42:31that's what everybody was saying. Yeah. Yeah.42:36Yeah, I love it. Can you see birthday Abadi? Is that visible? I love that. Like42:43we're talking about your birthday. And that everyday like, you turn that into a birthday for everyone, because42:48everyday truly is our opportunity to be reborn. Rebirth. Like you open that portal and you made it not just42:55on your birthday, but it was a reminder like every day can be that portal to be reborn and rebirth. Yeah, I tried to create like portals for myself often. I43:03travel a lot. I feel like the easiest placement for me of a portal is when I'm leaving a trip. And like our friend group,43:11we like meet up quarterly maybe a little bit more often. We all live in different cities that satellite events, and then we43:17have satellite events. That's right. That's right. I just came back from a satellite event in Aruba. That's right. And even43:25from the satellite event that I just came back from I just flew for a robot like today when I was leaving. I was very pensive43:31because I was like, what did I learn what was there for me to get? For me it was like being with so I got my mom invited me43:38on her girls trip. And I was like, I'm not gonna go on your girls trip. But at the same time is your girl's trip. Where's the43:45girls trip was in Aruba? Oh, God, it was her girlfriends. My mom's girlfriends she invited me but I was like, I don't wanna be43:53on your trip. I'll come same time. I'll be adjacent to your trip. Because they have like a strict agenda. They're like we44:00have lunch it we have to have like facials not facials they44:06have like dress up they will it's nice the White Night and we'll do the photo shoot and then it's a too much but I got44:13in like being with my mom I got a good mirror right of like things that I see in myself both good and things I want to44:20challenge in myself and so I was really pensive about that this morning and that was a portal for me to write it was a44:27reminder to be kind to myself it was a reminder to like not44:33create too much story about what's happening what's not happening. And I got a mirror and I got to like journal about44:41it but that was a portal for me to write I think like life is always during you portals you were seeing Monsters Inc. That44:48movie. We've got the like, don't like it. Like, you know, you go to the cleaners and they've got that like, yeah, dry cleaner is44:56the revolving dry cleaner thing. It's like in monsters and there's a bunch of doors on it. And they're all portals. So it's45:01like a revolving thing of doors. And I think that that's always happening. Like there's always a portal there for you. And like45:07most people just never open any of the doors, they just kind of like sit there and watch, the portals come past. And for me,45:17I've committed to like, let me go through as many as I can, because as soon as you go through one, you're in another45:22space, and there's another conveyor belt of doors like it's never ending. And you get to like, grow because as you go45:29through them, like, you get power ups like a video game, like you get bigger, you get stronger as you go through these45:35challenges in these gross moments. And so for me, I've committed to like let me open up as many doors challenges on my45:41for myself as possible. But the portals are always there. You have to like do a big birthday for the portals like the portals45:49there. I love that. As we were saying that I had a visual and as you're opening, the doors are getting closer and closer to the45:56center. Like the center. What's in here already? Yeah, like46:02getting closer and closer to the center to like the essence the purity the truth? Yeah, have you? Yeah, that's right. That's right. And it46:09requires doing a scary thing, because I think like in it, I'm like on Monsters Inc. Now, there's like a little monsters46:15are at the door, like the scary guys are at the door. So you have to like get past the monster, right? Everyone Target46:23and I talked about this often of like getting past the monster too. But like you get past the monster and you like get points46:30and you get like bigger and stronger, you get like a bad power pack of extra skills that you then get to like go into the46:36next thing when I often talk about the different levels. This is so interesting. And I think about like Mario Brothers and how you would go46:44through the leveling. And you get to the end of the level. And it was linear because it was an old school game and you're46:49linearly going and you reach the end. And there's a boss that you need to defeat at the end of the level. And you defeat the boss46:55because you gained all these points and you got some things and you got you got the mushroom or whatever. And then you defeat47:02the boss. And then you level up and you go to the next level. But guess what? You get to the end of that level. And there's47:07another boss, a bigger boss, they get bigger. You get less scared, maybe to be right.47:15Sometimes you write you feel scared doesn't go away. And there's times when in my life. I thought I defeated the47:21big boss at level four. And then a year later, I'm like, wait a minute, this the same boss, I thought I defeated but we hear47:30we hear again? Yeah. Yeah, yeah, well, like kind of comes up differently.47:35Because I don't know that we ever like when we're doing our personal work we ever, like get rid of a thing fully, we get rid47:42of a scary thing, we get rid of a trauma and who ever get rid of it, you just kind of like, get as much as you can weed it out.47:49And it usually comes back in some capacity. Except the next time you can be like, I know, I know what this is, I seen this47:59weed before I'm a name for the name for it, you have some tools for getting around that you know how it operates a little bit48:05until it shows up differently because it would come back looking different. But you have a little bit more tools. One of48:11the things that I'm still working on is finding this balance of masculine and feminine energy in, in my48:18business and also just my self expression. I think self expression and business are now starting to like merge a little48:23bit more. But that balance has been something I'm working on. And I have on my whiteboard like sticky notes of like quest that48:32I'm on things that I'm working on. And sort of stepping into my feminine is one that I had to be intentional about doing. Because48:42leading up to here in my career, I've relied a lot on my48:47masculine energy to like, get it done. Whereas the spreadsheet where the numbers, I was making decisions, maybe they weren't48:54intuitive base intuition base, can you break down? I think there's a lot of definitions about what is49:00masculine versus feminine, that can sometimes get tied up in gender norms, when really they might be a little bit different.49:06So to break it down in your terms, what is when you talk49:12about masculine, feminine, what does that mean? Okay. I think when I think about feminine this is a good49:18question. Because so many people are like, Oh, pink, right? That's feminine, right? What I think about feminine I think49:25about intuitive, creative, wild in a good way. Like I think we49:31have a negative connotation. I love wild, right? I was about to get a tattoo that says stay wild. Like of course49:37you were you know, I'm saying you didn't get it? No. Was good thing I didn't. I was too while somebody write it and they're49:43writing and get it. It didn't it may or may not be in my life forever, you know, yeah. embodies stay wild, right. That would have49:52been wild. Wild. Um, you know, we can do it another way. Ah,50:01yeah. So like intuitive creative. And by the way, like men have that do we all have masculine and feminine, right.50:09And then when I think about masculine I think about like, like decisive structured, I think about like, organized in a50:17way. And we all have that too, right? We have both. And for me,50:23I think the messages that I heard growing up and in business and in starting my business was like the thing to do to be50:30successful as being your masculine energy. I don't think I like heard that literally. But that was the message coming across. Yes. And I had to make an intentional choice to explore50:41more of my feminine, I think it started off the wording I was using was become more, and I've shifted the word and to explore50:48more, because I felt, here's what the journey was, it was like it was really in my masculine making variable. That50:55was how I was running my business, for sure. And then in experimenting with being more of my feminine, it was more of51:03like, what is my intuition, say, and I would like lean on, for example, like Angela, who runs my marketing and my team, like,51:09I will often say, like, here's what my gut says about what we should do, can you run the numbers to go see, like, if it51:16supports that, but like, my, here's what I'm feeling. Or I've51:23been working on this project to design a new software and we're gonna get together and like a house, and sort of creatively51:29design all of it right? And, and so I'm creating more spaces for myself to be like, creative to be in my intuition. And it51:36doesn't have to be make logical sense. It can make illogical sense, right. I think like a lot of people think like the word51:42illogical is a bad thing. Like sometimes there's no not a whole rhyme or reason, it just feels right. And for me, I hit a point51:51where my business was no longer fun. And the shift of me being51:57more in my feminine, made it more fun. I got back the joy and52:02being more than that. And I was exploring that in like all areas of my life, not just in business, but it kind of important.52:09So I love this framing of how we are taught that masculine energy52:17is something we can harness to achieve success. When I think about reading do less by Kate Northrup, that was like a52:24turning point for me, where she broke it down to where are mostly like, I would say, the Western culture in America,52:31where the work day was actually designed around the man's biology. Yeah, like a 24 hour, kind of Exactly. They have a 2452:38hour cycle. So the cycle we usually talk about is the woman's cycle, which is a 28 day cycle. Well, we don't talk about52:46as men have a cycle to it. It's a 24 hour cycle, right? So we have we both have cycles, but our 28 day cycle, aka our52:56period, we go in there, yeah. Looks like for one week, I may be lethargic, self doubting out of it. Scattered mind, the next53:09week, I'd be super creative and want to do all the things. The next week, I'm super productive high energy bubble by the next53:15two weeks like that, that is a 28 day cycle. And for a man, and53:21that is you know, estrogen lead for an individual who has testosterone, they are in that same cycle, but it's in a 2453:28hour period. So for the first two hours of the day, they're lethargic, they're just waking up. The next eight hours is53:35hyper productive. Go go go with boop, boop, boop. And then at the end of the day, it is maybe a little bit creative. And then we're going to wind down. So it's in a 24 hour period. And53:42guess what, that matches a workday? Yeah. And guess what? That doesn't match a 28 day cycle? Yeah, that over half the53:49population has. And so I found myself plopped into a world that was not created or designed with me in mind or by me. Yep. And53:57we're like, we need to show up every day, and produce on that schedule. By 10am. Pop it out by 6am Be ready to check out maybe54:073pm LOL. And that was such a turning point for me to realize, Oh, my goodness, no wonder I have to like, Will myself and54:15force myself and all the things. And I remember when I was working my full time job, like calling in sick, and it oh my54:24god, this was such a big moment. I was working at a startup and I came back into the office and I had taken off the previous few54:31days. And I remember his name was Kyle and he was so sweet. One of my co workers, and he's like, You were out. And I was54:38like, Yeah, you know, I was sick. And he's like, like, emotionally. And I was like, Yeah, I don't even think I was54:47aware that I was out because I was emotionally sick. That I was depressed was which was probably linked to me feeling shame54:56around the fact that I was feeling tired that I was having crying I'm sorry, I was feeling lethargic. And I had these like55:02scattered thoughts. So in reading that book, I was like, oh my goodness, we have a completely different biology55:09that is not supported by this. All the institutions in this world that we've created, which is one of the beautiful things55:15about running our business. But it was interesting, because when I first started running my own business, I was still subscribing to this world that was not designed for me to55:23thrive. Because how would they know? And so it wasn't until recently, when I realized, Oh, my goodness, like we can55:30actually have a conversation and be open that here's where I'm feeling. Here's where I'm at, let's design my month around.55:38Yeah, what's going on. So years ago, I hired a coach to help me with this name is Shara.55:44And she helped me map my menstrual cycle to my like, work55:51calendar. And so she helped me see that there's like eight different phases that I'm gonna be in throughout a month. And if55:58I can, you know, there's some days where like, there's a thing you have to do. But if I can predict, as a business owner,56:05move my calendar around, there's different phases for different things. So there's a phase usually like, right, as my like,56:17period is like ending, or I'm in like, she gave me like muses for them, right? Like people. So like, it's my Serena Williams,56:25five, like, I'm ready to like, hit any of the balls, like I'm ready to go focused, right? And there's periods where I wouldn't56:33even call it like, I've been challenging myself around calling it lethargic. It's like I'm integrating the information.56:39It's not time to be doing a thing I'm processing I'm channeling. That's the time for that. And there are times where56:48I'm super creative. I'm in my like, JK Rowling. That's her name. Yeah, JK Rowling. So she gave me these like muses for56:55each of them. So I can know who I'm channeling at each of those phases. But that made a really big difference. And I'm actually57:01really glad that you said that, because I almost forgot that. I57:06used to be like, Oh, I gotta do this thing today. I mean, there's something that you have to do today, it happens. But in57:14general, I'm trying to like ride a wave and surf. So they I know57:20that that there's a big project for me to do. There is for example, a proposal after right? The wave is gonna come or I'm57:28super inspired to do it. Yes. And if I try to force it right57:33now, it's gonna take five hours to do. If I do it, when the wave is here, maybe 2030 minutes, boom, boom, boom, I'm in and57:41out, right? It's gonna be like, inspired, it's gonna be easy. And so in general, I tried it that requires you to work in57:47advance, rarely can't wait last minute to do it, because then you're like on a time crunch. But if I can work in advance, I57:54can ride waves better based on where I am and where it's in flow. And that that for sure has helped me a lot. Because I'm not58:04interested in the forcing of it just makes it harder for everybody. Right? Oh, my gosh, I love this. Just the importance of the58:12people closest to you. So Helen is my Chief of Staff. Yeah. And58:18she's my right hand person. And I would say she is one of the first people in my life who has consistently asked, How are you58:26feeling? How does this make you feel? scheduling things like this. I remember last year, we did a photo shoot. And I58:35remember her planning it around my cycle. Like thinking me58:41letting her know. But I think what it also takes us for us to be self aware and to say this is going to impact us, but also to58:47have the people around us to ask the questions and give a space and permission to say that yes. So what was a part of the58:53equation was oh, okay, our cycle is starting here. PMS is going to be the week leading up to it. What happens during PMS59:00typically, now can I be my highest self and you know, be meditating and transcendentalist and and all the things? Okay.59:07Yes. And in that state, we may be we may be good. We may be Gucci however, we may not be Yeah. So to plan for that. And59:15knowing Okay, well, this is going to be the week leading up to it. Let's do it the following week.59:20Because that week, I'm in bed watching TV, right? We own Netflix, Netflix, I love TV.59:28So I think also as entrepreneurs, as women, as men,59:34whoever, yeah. For us to realize, like the importance of having people in proximity who are actually checking on how are59:42you feeling? How does this make you feel, and being able to create situations for you to win? Yeah, without even needing59:48to ask. Yeah, that's right. And if you don't have that, already, to59:53ask for it, right. Like I remember a point with my team where I was like, I'm gonna be sort of so We're seeing a little1:00:00bit more intuitively. And I remember a point where like, they're like, why are we doing this? And I was like, it's I1:00:06didn't feel comfortable just saying like, it's gut. I felt like oh, that's like, pointed, oh, good, explain or justify.1:00:13And I had been leading that way, like a more massive way up to that point. So it was It felt different. And I had to get1:00:20comfortable just saying like it just like, that's what feels right. Because the thing is like, is when we have superpowers, right, that how it feels is a superpower. It's not1:00:29a distraction. It's not a like, inconvenience, it is a superpower. Because our feelings are the compass. It's like, no,1:00:36no, no, like, when you feel bad, it's because you are on the you're going the wrong way. It's the compass. So so that is a1:00:44superpower and checking in with yourself, like you're saying and having people around you like that's leaning into that1:00:50superpower that we have. Yes, I love that you called out. I'm hearing this distinction1:00:55between body and mind. And we went to a human design workshop, of course, we like nerding out on the human design. And so1:01:02there was one in Brooklyn a few days ago. And he made that distinction between the body and the mind, we are trained to1:01:10really uphold the mind as a superpower as Yeah, all logical, I figured it out.1:01:16And I thought about the way it was raised. And I was like, oh, yeah, I was raised, to be rational to explain, be able to1:01:22explain things. And what I'm learning is that statement of it1:01:28doesn't feel right is a complete sentence. Yes. And us owning and1:01:34embodying that is the first step of us saying no, this doesn't feel right is a complete sentence. And then helping1:01:43educate those around us why? Then going back to the explaining, we don't have to explain why. But, you know,1:01:49just just telling them that you're gonna be doing that, yes, that I'm going to be leaning into how I feel about it. And1:01:55you say that that's enough. We can also educate them on you know, the distinction between mind body but but, you know, once they know, it does keep1:02:05it. Yeah, that's right. That's right. I had hired a therapist, this is like a massive fail on my part, because I fired him.1:02:13But mainly because he was challenging me, it was a lot. But what I got, he was trying to help me. So mainly, I asked him1:02:23to help me be more in tune with how I feel about stuff. This was really in the height of me trying to step more into my1:02:29feminine. Because that distinction of like mind and body like are very much in my mind. And still am and a lot of1:02:37ways. And he gave me a new distinction. Two that like1:02:43feelings is actually a feeling in your body. Like you can say I feel sad, but you like a feeling actually feels away in your1:02:50body. So he was saying, I'm not going to ask you how you feel anymore. I'm gonna ask you where you feel. And that took me like1:02:58a couple of weeks to like, even understand what he was talking about. Like, what do you mean? I feel fine. I don't feel1:03:05anything. But like sort of unspoken? No, actually, I feel a little like tension here. Or like when I end. So it's really1:03:13like, where when you ask stuff, how you feel where the first thought goes and your body, right? That's where you're1:03:19feeling a thing, like wherever it goes instantly. And sometimes it's quiet your mind to get there. And so it took me a couple of weeks even like get to this. But that sort of is1:03:28talking about what you're talking about of like how you feel not just like, I feel happy, I feel sad, but you also like feel a thing in your body. And that's another level of like1:03:35really tuning into it. Absolutely. And I think it's when we say this doesn't feel1:03:44right. What I want to caveat that with is there's also the work that comes with that, to understanding the why. Because I1:03:54thought when I said that I was like oh, but that that's me having a scapegoat being like this is real, right? I'm not1:03:59gonna do it. Yeah, that's true. And we need to do the work of1:04:05understanding Oh, is this sixth grade Danny shown? So it's all yes. So just so that he doesn't feel right because there's1:04:11trauma and that we need to work through. But at least we know the distinction, mind body, all of1:04:17that. I love you. That's something you were the first person I think to say that to me as a friend that I return. I1:04:26love you. Oh, I do love you. Yeah, I didn't know that. Absolutely. I want to tap into what's true for you right now.1:04:38And I would love for you to share your truth. I'm a lot and that's beautiful.1:04:47Cheers to that. I love Yeah, this was your truth. This is my1:04:56show. I don't got to share you rubbish.1:05:04I am grateful. I'm so grateful for your friendship. And if1:05:10you're sharing yourself with me and your gift with me, and really, really grateful, you continue to teach me lessons,1:05:15even when you don't realize you're teaching me lessons, you respond to how I'm feeling what I'm thinking before I even say1:05:23it. Did Oh kiddo. I'm happy to be your friend.1:05:33Because we are on since 3000. We're going to do drunk in future. Ooh, you're going to hell, our futures. We're going1:05:41to intoxicate ourselves by our futures. Okay, I'm here for this.1:05:46Let's go. So feel free to talk about terror in the third person1:05:52in the future. What is Tara doing, where she at what she got going on in her life, what it looked like,1:05:59okay, so I immediately thought about, I was talking about how excited I am to be like, 60 my locks are getting kind of gray.1:06:06I feel like I'd be sexy with some gray. And I'm like, hitting1:06:11that point where like, I don't give a fuck, I don't care, you won't hit that yet. I think there's another level, there's1:06:19another level of like, I'm 60. And like, you can't tell me anything. And like, I'm confident regardless, right, so1:06:25like, maybe I can get it early and get it early. I host really great like events and parties with my friends and people I1:06:32love are still small groups because I don't be like in everybody. But I'm with people that I love and got lots of1:06:39freedom and understanding of each other. And I have sold a1:06:45couple companies by now and I get to like sit on board and advise cool things and cool projects and I get to like fund1:06:53my own creative things that I'm working on and like they just give me life and energy to be in my feminine and creating that1:07:02could be like software businesses could be like just performance art definitely performance art. And I'm doing1:07:11what I'm getting ready to do which is every quarter I get a house in a different part of the world and invite friends to come1:07:19hang flew switch it up. But I still have a home base probably in LA both of those things all the above because you know1:07:27abundance. Yes. And I have impacted and helped so many1:07:33people particularly inspire them to do their like introspective personal growth. And I've created abundance and freedom1:07:45for my family and future family I did this activity is like imagine you're 90 and you're sitting in a rocking chair. What1:07:50do you want friend and family to say about you? For me? It's really two things that I like created financial opportunities,1:07:57I change the trajectory, the socio economic trajectory of my family. And also that I I did my introspective personal work1:08:05people are like, no, no, Tara did her work, and that she shared that with the world. So I really am in the middle of doing1:08:14those two things. Thank you for sharing us your years are now because your show1:08:21I would love to share. Danielle is fully self Express. She's1:08:26definitely still expressing herself through her clothing, her fashions, dressing in themes, going to themed parties,1:08:34creating themed parties to where she can dress up. And others can1:08:39inspired by Shawn, inspired by her friend group already. Yeah.1:08:45Shawn is there Tara is there our friend group is there. And Danny has a book and has talked on a lot of stages. I actually want1:08:58to do that. Right. And I think a lot of collaboration just I have1:09:04done things like this, where I've let the world in on the intimate conversations where so much growth happens and impacted1:09:16the way so something I think a lot about is what are the things I wish I was taught when I was in school. And with the world1:09:23evolving so quickly. I'm like, what would it look like to bring all my friends and have them teach different things. So by1:09:30this time, I've had kids and they've been taught by my friends. Because my friends have done the work my friends are1:09:37self aware. And I brought them in to teach my kids I probably world schooled them. So we've lived in different places around1:09:44the world. And I've had my friends come in and teach them at those different parts community community and there's1:09:50no separation like they're 14 but they feel like they're your peer because we are talking to them because guess what? They1:09:58came here with the same amount of wisdom Knowing that we came here with, we just happen to be in these physical bodies longer1:10:03than them, but there's so much we can learn from them. So they're interacting well on TT as a peer and like, hey, on TT.1:10:10So can you tell me what you think this means? Is the sky really blue? Like what does that mean to you?1:10:16Sometimes it's green. Exactly. It depends on how you're looking at it, what time of day, what's your mood? Like? Because that's going to impact1:10:22how you see the world you're in. So I see all those conversations1:10:28happening. That's great. I've never heard you share that before. Thank you. That's wonderful.1:10:34Well, thank you so much for being here. This was amazing. Because we have conversations like this all the time. Yes, we1:10:39can really go deep. And go far. There's even more I wanted to talk to you about but I had to reel it in. And I'm just glad1:10:46that the world got to get a peer in on this conversation. But also in your evolution as an individual, there is so much1:10:53that you've already contributed to this world. And you're just getting started. And I love watching you blossom. And so for1:11:00everyone watching, they're going to want to know more about you and what you're doing. And where is the best place for them to1:11:07find you. Probably on Instagram. So at Tara Reid underscore r Ed. And1:11:13then I also run a company called apps without code which you can also find on social apps without code. Yes, thank you. Thank you1:11:21very much for coming. Fun. Yes. We did it. I love you. Since1:11:30since 3000. Yeah we did.1:11:45We were only three shore. Okay, that's not bad. Oh, wow.1:11:52Dallin. Do you remember when you came to LA and we were supposed to do how many 24 We were supposed to do a lot. I feel like more than this.1:12:00And he came and it was like two days blocked off. And on the first day we start filming and I get on to like the fourth video.1:12:07And these are like five to 10 minute videos. And I'm just in my head doubting myself. And I was like this delta do. You're1:12:13doing great. No, that was so awesome. Like what you did? And I was like, no, no, it's not right. And then I was like, I1:12:18need a break. I go upstairs, I cry my eyes out. And then my two team members consoled me. And then I was like, tell them to go1:12:25away. Oh1:12:35no, no, no, honestly, though, before you went upstairs, your body language changed. And I knew you needed space just to1:12:42take a break. Here with an EQ, right.1:12:49Oh my gosh. And then they're like, well, we'll just you know, see how you feel and play by ear and then we call the whole next1:12:55day off. So we got like four episodes on like 24 or something. But just to show the evolution I did II like you1:13:02know, the day before. I was like, you know, I was partying. So I was regulated on1:13:12the nervous system. I didn't know myself I didn't have the Self Mastery I have now that sounds1:13:21minor de tal is so nice and refreshing to see you be who you are. Like it is1:13:31just something to to create an opportunity for us to the rest1:13:38of us who are trying to walk the journey that you have already led yourself through. And even though you're still evolving,1:13:48you being vulnerable and sharing your story gives us an idea and a hope that thank you for doing1:14:00thank you so much. Well, friends like t have helped accelerate1:14:06this process. I was just thinking I'm really glad to have people around you who are like getting give you the long winded feedback,1:14:12because I'm like it was good. Day told me I text like a dude,1:14:19she's like she really does emojis. It's a long man. No punctuation. No exclamation points. No energy. You started1:14:27adding emojis though. You started because you told me my emoji game was slacking. I'm like I know her but I was like we were on a group text and1:14:34I was like, she's mad so I texted her. I was like, I was like t this person. I was like this person thinks you're an1:14:40asshole. Can you like add an emoji?1:14:50Y'all know what I mean. All right.1:14:58Oh, I love you. That's all One thing you were the first person, I think to say that to me as a friend, that I return I love1:15:07you. Oh, I do love you. Yeah, I didn't know that. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Love you,1:15:15girl. Yeah, can not touchy factor thing we're not really but like, yeah,1:15:23love you know, love you long time. Listen, sometimes life be life in and we do not know what's coming down that road1:15:31next. Well that's what happened to me in 2016 when I was unexpectedly laid off from my job, and I was six figures in1:15:38student loan debt, I had no savings, and I didn't know what was going to happen next. Now luckily, I had this little voice1:15:46inside of me at that time that I couldn't ignore, and it was telling me to take the leap. It was saying, use this as your1:15:53opportunity to build your business. Use this as your opportunity to create your dream life. And so I believe that life1:16:01happens for us, not to us. And that nudge in my spirit, I should listen to it. Luckily, I did. Fast forward to today, I1:16:08have a business that's made over $20 million. And I've helped over 10,000 people create their online businesses and their1:16:16dream lives. So do you want to learn how to turn your story into an online product and launch in 30 days, head on over1:16:23to coursefromscratch.com/since3000. I want you to join us on this journey so you can listen to1:16:29that little voice inside of you too. So go now Do yourself a favor of coursefromscratch.com/since3000.EnglishAllFrom Danielle LeslieConversationRelatedListenableRecently uploaded

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