Episode Description

In the fast-paced world of fashion, few people have made as much of an impact as Brandice Daniel. As the founder and CEO of Harlem's Fashion Row (HFR), Daniel has made it her mission to champion and promote Black designers in the industry. Her tireless work has earned her recognition and respect from all corners of the fashion world.

Recently, Daniel was featured on the SINCE3000 podcast, where she shared her insights and experiences in entrepreneurship and fashion innovation. The conversation was insightful, engaging, and inspiring, as Daniel talked about her journey, the challenges she has faced, and the successes she has achieved.


  • How Brandice shows up as herself, welcoming any invitation (6:24)
  • “If you’re not taking risks that you believe in, what are you doing?” (12:01)
  • What is a dream session? (19:26)
  • Why innovation is about the past, just as much as it is about the future (34:04)
  • Getting comfortable and leaning into the greatness of you (48:03)
  • What is a cliff jump? (56:17)

Danielle Leslie

Owner, Culture Add Labs

Danielle Leslie is a believer in infinite possibilities and the founder of Culture Add Labs. She helps people uncover their Culture Add, collapse time, and launch an iconic online course or business around it.

Episode Transcript

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